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Despite being only 17 years old, I have been suffering from recurrent knee subluxation and dislocation for 5 years. I had 4 surgeries and have been through many runs of physical therapy. My condition never seemed to get better and, at the age of 15 my surgeon told me to give up on trying to do anything athletic.

Overwhelmingly frustrated, I fell into a depression as sports were my outlet for most of my stress. After a final surgery from a new doctor, I was referred to Dr. Corvino by a family member. Immediately after starting treatment with Dr. Corvino, I began to see improvements, in just 2 weeks my knees had already gotten healthier than they had ever been in years.

After completing my treatment a few weeks ago, I am returning back to all the sports that I missed so dearly. I cannot recommend him enough, my only regret is that I didn’t find him any sooner as I might have been able to avoid a couple years of physical therapy and play high school sports.

~ Alex (Knee Pain)


My first visit with Dr. Corvino was about 6 weeks ago, I was having lower back pain and it was interfering with my daily activities. I have been quite pleased with every aspect of the care given to me by Dr. Robert Corvino. His knowledge, assessment and treatment plan of my needs have kept me returning. My back pain is now gone, but I am going to continue seeing him so that he can continue educating me on how to strengthen and keep my body healthy and free of pain. I highly recommend Dr. Corvino, pain free life is amazing

~ Susan (Low Back Pain)

I have had migraine headaches since I was 4 years old. I have been to 3 neurologist and had several tests throughout the years with no success in finding relief. Before coming to see Dr. Corvino I was having severe migraine headaches 10 - 15 days out of the month. Within the 1st month of treatment, my headaches were reduced to just 5 days in one month and in the past two weeks I haven't had any. I have a very busy and hectic lifestyle so it has been great to be able to actually function and get the things done that I need to do and to be able to be there for my family. If you are having any kind of neck or back pain I would highly recommend you try Array Strength before you do anything else.

~ Karen (Migraines)

As a former college athlete, I had always enjoyed lifting weights and exercising. The past few years I had dealt with some severe autoimmune issues that caused me not to be able to work out as much or at all. I had been having some pretty frequent hip and lower back pain that was made worse from my desk job.

I had relief after one session with Dr. Rob. He took the time to assess not only areas of concern, but also how my overall body movement affected me. He explained my issue and his plan to help me become pain free so I could begin to work out and lift again. After only four therapy sessions, I have little to no pain at all and am ready to move into relearning mechanics of weight lifting.
Dr. Rob is extremely knowledgeable and uses a multifaceted approach to wellness. I would highly recommend him for anyone dealing with chronic pain or pain caused from an injury.

~ Heather (Hip Pain)

I can’t say enough about Dr. Corvino!!

I’ve suffered with shoulder problems for years and have finally gotten relief after seeing Dr. Rob. He has helped me correct my posture allowing me to finally strengthen my shoulders. I am able to sleep through the night without waking multiple time from pain! He is so friendly and explains everything in detail so you get a better understanding of your body and how small changes can make a huge difference!

I have had such success that currently have both my children seeing him. My son suffers from terrible growing pains and the muscles got so tight in his legs that he was having trouble even walking. In less than a month of stretching and strengthening he no longer is in pain and is able to participate in sports again!

My daughter has had a few injuries from playing soccer. They are working on stabilizing her knee and ankle. It’s only been a few visits but she is already in less pain.
Rob has helped our family greatly and I would highly recommend him!

~ Heather (Shoulder Pain)

My orthopedic doctor was recommending surgery for my foot pain. A friend recommended I see Dr. Corvino for therapy to avoid surgery. I saw improvement after the first week. And saw continued improvement through the six weeks of therapy. I am now pain free and no surgery needed! He is personable and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Corvino.

~ Sheri (Plantar Fasciitis)

I had previously hurt my knee and ankle in a soccer game and Dr. Corvino was able to help me recover and get back on the field. After the season was over I continued to see him to further strengthen my knees. I have seen so much improvement in my strength and physical appearance. Dr. Corvino has been very inspiring and has helped lead me to choose physical therapy and nutrition as a career choice. I'm very glad to know him!

~ Hayden (Knee Pain)

I went to Dr. Rob with chronic knee, low back, and hip pain. This pain had caused me to not be able to workout with high intensity. After 14 sessions with him, I am able to workout at the intensity I like. When I initially went to him, I could not squat without pain or at the depth I desired, I am now able to. Also, my balance was very unstable prior to our sessions, this is also significantly improved. He not only got me out of pain and back to working out with intensity but also gave me the tools to continue to improve and combat the negative effects from constant sitting that is required for my career. I highly recommend Dr. Rob! He is very professional, knowledgeable, and cares about his patients. Thank you for getting me out of pain and back to what I love!

~ Tina (Knee, Low Back, and Hip Pain)

Highly recommend! From the immense amount of training as an athlete I began having knee pains that interfered with my performance. Running and squatting became very painful and I had constant aching in my knees. Dr. Corvino was extremely helpful and provided the best rehab that was custom- fit specifically to my sport and lifestyle. After only 6 sessions with Dr. Corvino the aching in my knees had ceased and I felt better than ever before. Top notch service, you will not be disappointed!!

~Lauren (Knee Pain)

I went to Dr. Corvino for shin splints that I couldn’t shake, not only did he help me fix them but he helped me understand the why they were happening. As well as how we can strengthen everything to perform at maximum capacity. Not just in running but performance in my squat, deadlift, and other activities as a hybrid athlete to make me feel secure and stable with my body. Highly recommend!

~ Levi (Shin Spints)

I had a friend recommend Array Strength and Dr. Corvino for a ankle injury. He was extremely knowledgeable and explained the injury, worked the muscle and improved mobility in one session. I continue to do therapy that he gave me on my own and it has not given me any more trouble. Yay!

I also found out from that visit that he was a nutritionist. I appreciate the holistic approach to nutrition. I have been working with Dr. Corvino on the foods that I consume for 4-5 months. His recommendations and thorough explanation of why I am to eat these foods i have seen amazing gains in strength at the gym. I have just hit a month or so ago a PR in deadlift. 2 weeks ago hit a PR in squats. My energy has improved and overall feel much better. I highly recommend Dr. Corvino and Array Strength for sports injuries or concerns and nutrition guidance.

~ Jason (Ankle Injury)

Dr. Corvino is very knowledgeable and was able to help me go from every day shoulder pain for 10 years to being able to do full workouts without pain! I would recommend him to anyone struggling to get out of pain.

~ Samantha (Shoulder Pain)

Array Strength is an amazing place and I’ve had a really great experience. As a student athlete, I was having issues with my knee (jumpers knee) and with Dr. Corvino’s help and expertise I literally have no issues. He cares about taking care of the problem not just “treating” the issue.

~ Ethan (Knee Pain)

Has helped me in rehabilitating my elbow. Have had severe pain for months. After a few sessions noticed a difference of less pain the more I went. Highly recommend!

~ Jason (Elbow Pain)

My kids play A LOT of sports, and I am so grateful to have access to someone who can diagnose their pain, fix their problem, and teach them how to prevent injury/surgery in the future. Thank you Dr. Rob!

~ Megan (Youth Athletes)

Dr. Corvino helped me fix my upper back pain and now I’m back to lifting again, he is one of the best out there and goes above and beyond for his patients.

~ Sebastian (Upper Back Pain)

Dr. Rob is really good at what he does and got me through a really bad back injury really quickly. I went from hurt to lifting again real fast. Definitely would recommend

~ Noah (Low Back Pain)

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