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"Dr. Corvino helped me fix my upper back pain and now I’m back to lifting again, he is one of the best out there and goes above and beyond for his patients."

— Sebastian (National Ranked Olympic Lifter)

"After only 6 sessions with Dr. Corvino the aching in my knees had ceased and I felt better than ever before."

— Lauren (College Volleyball)

"As a former college athlete, I had always enjoyed lifting weights. I had been having some pretty frequent hip and lower back pain...

I had relief after one session with Dr. Rob. He took the time to assess not only areas of concern but also how my overall body movement affected me. After only four therapy sessions, I have little to no pain at all."

— Heather (Former College Shot Put)

"Dr. Corvino is very knowledgeable and was able to help me go from everyday shoulder pain for 10 years to being able to do full workouts without pain!"

— Samantha (Gymnast)


"Array Strength is an amazing place and I’ve had a really great experience. As a student-athlete, I was having issues with my knee (jumper's knee) and with Dr. Corvino’s help and expertise, I literally have no issues. He cares about taking care of the problem not just “treating” the issue."

— Ethan (Basketball)

"Dr. Rob is highly educated and passionate about his craft. He is detailed and truly cares about his clients. If you are in pain, he is able to find the root causes of the pain and then bring solutions to help you become pain-free. I highly recommend Dr. Robert Corvino!"

— Sagar (College Basketball Assistant Coach)

"Dr. Rob assisted our daughter in both physical training and therapy as she rehabbed a foot injury she sustained while playing basketball... we quickly started to notice a change in her physical appearance and strength.

She has really enjoyed working with him and looks forward to the next workout! We hope to utilize Rob long-term as she continues her athletic career."

— Arrend (AAU Basketball)

"Dr Rob is really good at what he does and got me through a really bad back injury really quickly. I went from hurt to lifting again real fast."

— Noah (Football)

"Mrs. Jen and Rob got me back on the field in a short period of time and I couldn’t have done it without them."

— Kaydon (D1 Football Recruit)

"Such a great experience! Dr. Corvino is very knowledgeable, kind, and helped with my back pain! I will for sure go back if needed and refer him to others!"

— Skylar (Athletic Trainer)

"Dr. Corvino had 5 sessions with me. I had MCL pain due to lack of stretching and improper movement. After learning how to improve movement with proper stretching and a few activities with a foam roller, I have been able to say that I experience no pain anymore."

— Bryan (Runner)

"Has helped with a few different injuries that I have not been able to get anyone else to get better. Gives you the right tools and care to get the injury you have better. Feels great to have the mobility I haven't seen for years now!"

— Robert (Special Ops)

"Went to see Dr. Corvino after experiencing some shoulder/forearm pain and numbness in my hand. Super impressed with Dr. Corvino's approach both in diagnosis and treatment.

Had some relief after very first session and after a few weekly follow up appointments and rehab work he had me doing between sessions, pain and numbness is gone."

— Doug (Semi-Pro Rugby)

"I have been suffering from recurrent knee subluxation and dislocation for 5 years. I had 4 surgeries and have been through many runs of physical therapy. My condition never seemed to get better and, at the age of 15 my surgeon told me to give up on trying to do anything athletic.

Immediately after starting treatment with Dr. Corvino, I began to see improvements, in just 2 weeks my knees had already gotten healthier than they had ever been in years. After completing my treatment a few weeks ago, I am returning back to all the sports that I missed so dearly."

— Alex (Boxer)

"Array Strength changed my life completely."

~ Isaiah

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