"Array Strength changed my life completely." ~Isaiah

Hi, I'm Dr. Rob.

I've had almost every injury throughout my sports and lifting career, maybe you have too? Maybe every time you work out, you never make it more than 4 weeks before that nagging pain comes back.

I know all too well how pain can hold you back both physically and mentally. I know that it makes you feel like you can't step into a gym without eventually having some sort of pain or injury. This is why I built Array Strength, to restore your freedom to exercise without fear.

I have developed very specific exercise programming to protect your joints and keep you out of pain. We are obsessed with lifting mechanics. We never work into pain. We progress as you grow and never go beyond your current ability; all while simultaneously pushing you to get stronger.

I'd love to help you get back on your fitness journey. We always offer 2 free sessions to anyone interested in training with us; so there is no excuse to not come try! :)

See you soon!


Our Mission

Optimize Joint Health, Prevent Daily Pain, Keep You Strong

"I always wanted to give people an opportunity to live their lives pain-free. In all my sports and lifting, I had almost every injury; ankle sprains, torn hamstrings, concussions, fractures, disc herniations, tendonitis, shoulder impingement, jumper's knee. I know, it's a lot!

As a Chiropractor, I was able to help people recover from injuries but I wanted to do more than that, I wanted to give people the tools to remain pain-free. My goal was to create something lasting, something long-term that would benefit every aspect of your life.

I developed the Array Strength Personal Training philosophy to bulletproof the body. Shoulders, Knees, Ankles, Low Backs... Everything. This philosophy allows for a tremendous increase in strength while simultaneously keeping you safe, deloading your joints, and preventing the onset of future pain.

I have had the amazing ability to help hundreds of people reach their goals and I can confidently say that no one has ever regretted getting stronger." ~ Dr. Rob