Chiropractic care built different.


"Array Strength changed my life completely." ~Isaiah


After years of athletics and dozens of injuries, I decided to launch ARRAY STRENGTH, a chiropractic clinic built DIFFERENT.

Though chiropractic care is known for its traditional "chiropractic adjustment", at Array Strength we believe that there are many other tools that can be utilized to help eliminate your pain.

We specialize in sports injuries. We have a high success rate because we prioritize strengthening your weaknesses. As our patients build strength, they have the freedom to return to the things they love, pain-free.

Though we believe in adjustments, they are not our first line of treatment. If you are looking for high quality, one-on-one, sports injury care, Array Strength is the place for you.

We are ready when you are!



Traditional Model

  • Short Length Doctor Encounters
  • Frequent Time with Assistants (PTA's, CA's)
  • Short Treatment/Strengthening Sessions
  • Goal to Relieve Pain, Over Fixing the Problem
  • Long Term Wellness Care Accumulating High Medical Costs
  • Push Towards Wellness Care Following Successful Release
  • Unresolved Pain Resulting in Long Term Financial Burdens
  • Weekly Care for 1 Year @ $40 Copay (Using Insurance)- $2080

Array Strength Model

  • Full Sessions with Dr. Corvino
  • No Trade Off to Assistants
  • 45-Minute Strengthening Sessions
  • Goal to Eliminate Pain By Eliminating the Underlying Problem
  • Teaching of How to Maintain Results Long Term After Successful Discharge
  • Short Term Care (6-Sessions) Providing a Cost Effective Experience
  • Goal to Successfully Discharge Patients Pain Free and Say Goodbye Forever!
  • Exam and 6 Sessions- $525

According to recent data presented by the wall street journal, patients who choose to pay out of pocket, as compared to using insurance, tend to save money overall.

Practitioners choosing out of pocket services tend to stress, "quality of care" over quantity. This shortens the length of care, resulting in lower health care costs.

"I had relief after one session with Dr. Rob... After only four therapy sessions, I have little to no pain at all and am ready to move into relearning mechanics of weight lifting." ~Heather

"Before coming to see Dr. Rob I was having severe migraine headaches 10 - 15 days out of the month. Within the 1st month of treatment, my headaches were reduced to just 5 days in one month and in the past two weeks I haven't had any." ~Karen


Robert Corvino DC, MSACN is the Owner of Array Strength Rehab & Performance.

Dr. Rob's unique treatment style has been influenced by training under high level sports clinicians, and leaders in nutrition. He also holds a long personal history of athletics; including Football, Track (Sprinting), and Weight Training. His treatment style revolves around strengthening patient-specific weakness.


  • Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Northeast College of Health Sciences
  • Masters Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition from Northeast College of Health Sciences
  • Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from University at Buffalo

Continuing Education

  • Continuing education in manual soft tissue treatment with Dr. Taranjit Ohson; Chiropractor for the Canadian National Tennis Team
  • Two year professional mentorship with Clinical Nutrition PhD Candidate, Ben Warren of BePure